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New registered domestic partner website


To inform staff of the new registered domestic partner (RDP) Website.


In September 2006, SB 1827 was signed into law. This law requires registered domestic partners to file their state tax returns using the same rules that apply to married couples, which generally will be married filing joint or married filing separate. The law takes effect for tax year 2007, for which taxpayers will begin filing in January 2008. This law does not affect federal tax law.

The Franchise Tax Board has developed an implementation team to review the processes, forms, and system changes that are required for implementation by January 1, 2008.


The new RDP Website provides:

  • Announcements and focus group meeting notes.
  • Frequently asked questions and news articles.
  • Bill analysis.
  • An email address for taxpayers to send FTB questions and comments.
  • Regular updates informing taxpayers of departmental efforts (FAQs, issue papers, tax forms, etc).
To access the RDP Website, go to
  • Scroll down on the FTB Homepage to Tax Professionals
  • Select the link to Registered Domestic Partners
  • Type RDP in the Website search feature.


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