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State of California Franchise Tax Board

CalFile - A secure, accurate, free, and easy way to e-file your state tax return

Him: Ready for the party?

Her: I'll be ready in a minute. I'm just finishing my state tax return.

Him: Your TAX RETURN? That will take all night.

Her: No it won't. I'm using CalFile, the free online service offered by the Franchise Tax Board. Takes just a few minutes and I'll get my refund in a week.

Him: Free? Where can I find it?

Her: Go to ftb-dot-ca-dot-gov, click on CalFile.

Him: OK. Grab the appetizers. I'll use CalFile to do my return.

Her: CalFile. It works for me.

CalFile at ftb-dot-ca-dot-gov. Sponsored by Franchise Tax Board. Aired by the California Broadcasters.

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