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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Press Release Archive - 2003

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December 15, 2003

State to Pursue Nonfilers

December 03, 2003 New Program Cracks Down on Illegal Tax Shelters
December 02, 2003 FTB's NetFile Program Approved
November 21, 2003 FTB's Annual Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Hearing
November 18, 2003 Controller Westly Sends Tax Shelter Expert to Testify at Congressional Hearing
October 31, 2003 Riverside County Added to the List of Federal Disaster Areas
October 29, 2003 Franchise Tax Board Will Follow Federal Extension Periods
October 27, 2003 FTB Issues Reprieve for Southern California Fire Victims
October 01, 2003 Deadline Quickly Approaching for State Taxpayers Participating in the IRS' Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative
September 16, 2003 State and Feds Partner to Crackdown on Illegal Tax Schemes
August 25, 2003 State's Income Tax Rates Drop for 2003 Due to Indexing
August 05, 2003 California Targets Abusive Tax Shelters with New Round of Audits
July 15, 2003 Tax Experts Discuss Abusive Tax Schemes
July 01, 2003 It's Time for Eligible Homeowners and Renters To Apply for State Assistance Payments
June 20, 2003 Fee Increased for Copies of State Tax Returns
April 14, 2003 Last-Minute Tax Tips for California Taxpayers
April 07, 2003 State Reports on Median Income for 2001
March 27, 2003 Tax Relief for Military Personnel Serving in Combat Zones
March 18, 2003 State Gives $500 Tax Credit for Qualified Caregivers
March 14, 2003 No Jeopardy for State Taxpayers Who Participate in the IRS' Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative, says FTB
February 24, 2003 Didn't File Taxes Last Year - Check Your Mail
February 19, 2003 Californians Urged to Take 'Direct' Approach
February 10, 2003 FTB Urges Participants in the IRS' Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative to Correct State Returns Too
January 15, 2003 Tax Professionals Can Make Filing Easier
January 07, 2003 FTB Offers Free e-File for Income Taxes

Regional Press Releases

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