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State of California Franchise Tax Board

October 15 Tax Extension Deadline Approaching

FTB Offers Free e-File for 540 2EZ Taxpayers.

Tuesday, October 15 is the last day for taxpayers to timely file their 2001 state income tax returns, according to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

“Each year approximately one million Californians file on extension,” said State Controller and Chair of the FTB Kathleen Connell. “For taxpayers who have yet to file, I encourage them to e-file. For the 4.3 million Californians who qualify to use the 540 2EZ, they can now e-file directly with the FTB for free.”

The new 540 2EZ Direct program debuted last month on our Website at Taxpayers who qualify to use the state's simplest and shortest tax form, the 540 2EZ, can e-file it for free. Other benefits of this e-file service include accurate return preparation, quick refunds within five to seven days, direct e-filing without going through a third party, and confirmation that the FTB received the tax return.

Taxpayers who find that they owe by October 15 have several options besides mailing a check. The FTB has an e-pay program that works like a debit card transaction by authorizing the state to make an electronic fund withdrawal directly from a taxpayer's bank account. Taxpayers can also pay by using their credit card. We accept the Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard, American Express, or Visa.

Another payment option that taxpayers can take advantage of through the FTB's Website is the new e-installment agreement program. Taxpayers with a temporary financial hardship, a balance due of up to $10,000, and who can pay it within 36 months may apply online for an installment payment arrangement.

The FTB has received more than 13.9 million tax returns to date. E-filed returns total more than 3.3 million or 21 percent of all returns filed.

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