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State of California Franchise Tax Board

State Controller Kathleen Connell Stars in Public Service Campaign

'Goldilocks' Finds the Right Tax Form

Public Service Announcements featuring State Controller and Franchise Tax Board Chair Kathleen Connell are out to show that a simple tax filing process is no longer a fairy tale.

Four messages, each voiced by Controller Connell, explain the benefits of using the simple 540 2EZ tax forms, electronic filing, and the voluntary contribution funds on each state tax form.

In the Goldilocks message, Controller Connell reads the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Tax Forms” to an attentive group of youngsters.

In this adaptation of the childhood favorite, the Controller describes how young Goldilocks struggles with filing her state tax return. “I'm just a single girl with a salary … there has to be an easier way to file,” she says.

And there is. Controller Connell regales how Goldilocks goes to the FTB website and downloads the Form 540 2EZ. “This form is just right. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and I can e-file it, telefile it, or mail it in,” says Goldilocks.

The PSAs have been sent to radio stations statewide and are available for listening at FTB's website.

The 540 2EZ is the state's simplest tax form and available for more than four million eligible taxpayers. It has fewer lines to fill in and some of the math calculations are built into the form. Visit and do it yourself with the Franchise Tax Board. It's that simple.

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