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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Military Tax Filing Simplified; State Debuts New Nonresident Short Form

Thousands of California's military personnel and other nonresidents will find tax filing a bit easier this year by using the new California Form 540NR short form, according to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

State Controller and FTB Chair Kathleen Connell stated: “As part of my initiative to simplify California tax filing, this new short form will greatly reduce the filing burden for many military personnel and other nonresidents.”

The 540NR short form is designed for nonresidents and part-year residents whose income is made up almost entirely of wages. The new form eliminates the need to complete a supporting schedule and involves fewer calculations. It is available on FTB's Website or by calling FTB.

Besides downloading the new 540NR short form, taxpayers can visit FTB's Website at to get an overview of important information for this year's taxes, get answers to frequently asked tax questions, and take advantage of fillable forms.

FTB's automated phone service at (800) 338-0505 is available anytime to request both state and federal tax forms, get answers to frequently asked questions, and to check on payments, balances due, or refunds. FTB prints the menu to navigate the automated phone system on the back of the tax booklets.

Taxpayers can e-file the 540NR short form. E-file benefits include fast, accurate return processing, speedy refunds (10 days or less), and electronic debit (e-pay) services. Taxpayers can e-file themselves on-line or by using the services of a tax professional who offers e-file.

For taxpayers who want help completing their tax forms, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program offers free tax assistance at many military bases. Bilingual tax assistance is available at some locations for non-English speaking individuals. For the nearest location, call FTB or visit our Website.

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