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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Thank You - Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our 2012-2016 Strategic Plan.

FTB Staff

Team Team
  • Strategic Planning Team - Lead by Titus Toyama, Director, Planning, Performance and Project Oversight Bureau
  • Governance Council
  • Action Committee Chairs
  • Bureau Directors
  • Strategic Planning Staff
  • Internal Stakeholder Team of:
    • 10 Audit Division
    • 4 Administrative Services Division
    • 3 Finance and Executive Services Division
    • 8 Accounts Receivable Management Division
    • 2 Legal Division
    • 4 Technology Services Division
    • 5 Filing Division
    • 10 from field offices

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Advisory Board

Name Name
  • Joseph Bankman
  • Dave Doerr
  • MaryBeth Faulkner
  • Lynn Freer
  • Don Hug
  • Vicki Mulak
  • Joyce Peneau
  • Pat Powers
  • Gary Renville
  • Charles Rettig
  • Jean Ross
  • Terry Ryan
  • Walter Thomas
  • Joseph Ledoux
  • Scarlett Vanyi
  • John Woodford
  • Kathleen Wright

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Tax Partners

Board of Equalization Employment Development Department Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Lou Feletto, Manager, Operations Section Property and Special Taxes Department
  • Susanne Buehler, Chief, Tax Policy Division Sales and Use Tax Department
  • David Gau, Deputy Director, Property and Special Taxes Department
  • Cristina Herrera
  • Robert McPherson
  • Yian-Chian Saetern
  • Bob Brewer, Chief, Collections Division, Tax Branch
  • Lisa Wheeler, Chief, Tax Support Division, Tax Branch
  • Carol Frost
  • Michael Fujimoto
  • Dan Kurttila
  • Brenda Farber
  • Regina Mejorado
  • Gary Renville, IRS Governmental Liaison
  • Kathy Wong, Group Manager, Employment Tax

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External Stakeholders

Name Name
  • James Counts II, Certified Public Accountant
  • Valerie Dickerson, Tax Litigator
  • Dave Doerr, CalTax
  • Lynn Freer, Spidel Staff Correspondent
  • Lenny Goldberg, CalTax
  • Kim Heacock, EDD Strategic Management Team
  • Lori Kammerer, Small Business Association
  • Kurt Kawafuchi, Tax Litigator
  • Laura Mahoney, BNA Staff Correspondent
  • Vicki Mulak, Enrolled Agent, California Society of Enrolled Agents
  • Jean Nelsen, Enrolled Agent, California Society of Enrolled Agents
  • Carley Robertson, Tax Litigator
  • Gina Rodriguez, CalTax
  • Paul Tavernia, Small Business Association
  • Greg Turner, Tax Litigator
  • Scarlett Vanyi, Enrolled Agent, California Society of Enrolled Agents
  • Barry Weissman, Tax Litigator
  • Brian West, EDD Strategic Management Team
  • John Woodard, Certified Public Accountant

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