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We extend our best wishes in their retirements and our appreciation for their service to the Franchise Tax Board and the state of California.

  • There are no retirements at this time.


Name Classification Years of state service
Ronald Adams Tax Program Technician I 15
Laurie J. Cassada Associate Operations Specialist 32


Name Classification Years of state service
Elba G. Baeza-Garcia Senior Operations Specialist 29
Shelia Y. Barber Compliance Representative 22
John S. Barrett Information Officer II 26
Shirley L. Cook Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 35
Enriqueta Gallegos Tax Program Technician I 27
Christopher Garbani Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 22
Carmen A. Gomez Tax Program Assistant 1
Catherine M. Maydahl Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 21
Jerry J. Nailon Program Specialist I 33
Clifton L. Nessmith Tax Technician 11


Name Classification Years of state service
Linda M. Brown Tax Technician 13
Wendy C. Lahey Program Specialist I 17
Deborah M. Morgan Tax Technician 21
Maureen N. Price Staff Services Manager I 15
Tamara D. Seimers Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 37


Name Classification Years of state service
Patrick J. Carney Associate Tax Auditor 10
Mark A. Carroll Tax Counsel IV 9
Marsha L. Carthan Program Specialist II 29
Ching Y. Chi Tax Program Technician II 11
Robin L. Cromwell-Smith Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 32
Lisa A. Duran Systems Software Specialist III (Technical) 31
Albert A. Ferreira Senior Compliance Representative 17
Damon M. Ferris Principal Compliance Representative 25
Irene J. Garcia Compliance Representative 29
Glenn Mayol Data Processing Manager II 27
Tobi A. Ortega Tax Program Technician II 21
Jeffrey W. Powell Tax Technician 8
Yolanda L. Ramos Tax Program Technician II 31
Teresa R. Reed Compliance Representative 23
Elaine E. Thexton Tax Program Technician II 36
Adrienne M. Triggs Tax Program Supervisor 17


Name Classification Years of state service
Ramon E. Carpenter Systems Software Specialist III (Technical) 34
Alfred W. Cheung Compliance Representative 14
Jessica V. Cuevas Administrator II 34
Catherin A. Vega Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) 35
Feng C. Wang Tax Technician 9
Linda M. Watts Tax Program Technician II 35
Darlene E. Wedding Administrator I 30
Way J. Wong Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) 16


Name Classification Years of state service
Carolina C. Beach Administrator III 29
Jacqueline L. Davis Tax Program Technician I  26
Ma E. Garcia Seasonal Clerk 6
Connie G. Johnson Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 16
Wava W. Moore-Pandolf Accountant I (Supervisor) 36
Grace H. Oswalt Systems Software Specialist III (Technical) 22
Kurt L. Oviedo Tax Program Assistant  33
Shirley A. Sawaya Compliance Representative 33
Norman J. Scott C.E.A. 21
Connie F. Shead Tax Program Technician II 32


Name Classification Years of state service
Marlene S. Coatney Tax Program Technician II 24
Maria E. Lopez Tax Program Technician I 19
Donna K. Ramos Senior Personnel Specialist 14
Philip G. Rothrock Tax Program Assistant 1
Debra A. Ruiz Tax Program Assistant 14
Kelly D. Ruiz Tax Program Technician II 29
Janice L. Schwartz Senior Operations Specialist 29
Penny J. Smith Tax Program Technician I 35
Roxann V. Starks Tax Program Technician I 30


Name Classification Years of state service
Bonnie L. Brent Tax Program Technician I 30
Roger M. Cannady Jr. Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 26
Robert M. Cassada Tax Technician 31
Douglas M. Dourgarian Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 19
Cynthia L. Glass Tax Technician 6
Robert L. Guillen Tax Technician 23
Joyce I. Heath Tax Program Supervisor 38
Deborah P. Ludlow Tax Technician 20
Brenda L. Reed Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 27


Name Classification Years of state service
Tracy R. Bouschet Tax Program Technician II 34
Simone P. Collier Program Specialist I 34
Aretha Michele Flock Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 36
Kohling Jan Key Data Operator 10
Sharon L. Jones-Reyes Tax Program Technician II 21
Philip B. Knight Senior Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 23
Paul F. Kornowski Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 29
Rebecca L. Marcy Tax Program Technician II 34
Pamela Rae Martin Administrator II 35
Rossana V. Miranda Staff Electronic Data Processing Acquisition Specialist 35
Kristopher L. Modenbach Associate Tax Auditor 12
Carey N. Munn Tax Program Assistant 34
Gail W. Noriega Principal Compliance Representative 20
Ane Obad Tax Program Technician I 29
Umesh S. Shah Tax Program Assistant 11
Rebecca A. Slaughter Senior Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 38


Name Classification Years of state service
Ruben Bazua Program Specialist II 16
Laurie J. Benjamin Program Specialist I 28
Patricia L. Corben Tax Program Technician I 17
Rodney S. Flores Administrator I 17
Anne C. James Senior Compliance Representative 12
Timothy P. Knox Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 38
Tracey I. Mollow Staff Operations Specialist 27
Steve J. Olvido Associate Tax Auditor 8
Dora A. Salas Tax Program Technician I 21
George R. Walker Tax Technician 20


Name Classification Years of state service
Caesar Abcarius Systems Software Specialist III (Supervisory) 29
Annie C. Bolus Tax Program Technician I 15
David M. Brandle Tax Program Technician II 32
Heidi L. Corrigan Staff Operations Specialist 28
Douglas V. Davis Administrator III 23
Donna F. Ford Compliance Representative 36
Marque L. Gaines Tax Program Assistant 14
Lynda M. Munoz Associate Tax Auditor 13
Silvia P. Olivan Seasonal Clerk 10
Shirley A. Perna Administrator I 39


Name Classification Years of state service
Diane E. Barker Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 20
Charles M. Betzler Investigation Specialist II (Technical) 32
Cynthia F. Brown Office Technician (Typing) 30
Sandra Burruss Tax Program Technician II 31
Penny A. Celiz Administrator II 29
Annette Y. Chun Administrator II 38
Mariann Clark Staff Operations Specialist 36
Catherine H. Cleek C.E.A 34
Carol J. Crimmins Tax Technician 10
Terry L. Downs Administrator III 31
Gail D. Drouillard Tax Program Technician I 18
Angelina M. Espinosa Senior Compliance Representative 19
Norman J. Fong Tax Program Assistant 15
Gordon N. Frazier Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) 5
Joseph Godinez Jr. Tax Program Supervisor 32
Ellen M. Greco Systems Software Specialist II (Supervisory) 15
Tracey R. Hamilton Senior Personnel Specialist 33
Kimberly L. Hennessy Associate Governmental Program Analyst 28
Debbie A. Herrmann Senior Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 31
Elizabeth S. Houston Accounting Officer (Specialist) 12
Jacqueline A. Hudson Administrator III 36
Sharon L. Jacobson Tax Technician 28
Deborah D. Johnson Associate Personnel Analyst 38
Teresa A. La Mar Staff Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 17
Lisa M. Lakin Tax Research Specialist I 31
Karen V. Lees Investigation Specialist II (Technical) 33
Lydia L. Lopez Tax Program Assistant 23
Connie M. Luna Tax Program Technician I 30
John S. Marengo Data Processing Manager III 36
John E. McCue Tax Technician 6
Pamela J. Nahigian Senior Operations Specialist 12
Janelyn R. Nelson Administrator IV 28
Phuong K. Ngo Tax Program Technician I 10
James W. Oliver Jr. Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 29
Richard P. Pavia Program Specialist II 30
Wallace F. Payne Data Processing Manager II 36
Mary S. Pena Data Processing Manager II 34
David L. Poxon Data Processing Manager II 43
Maria M. Romero Senior Compliance Representative 31
Kathryn C. Schultz Administrator II 32
Debra A. Scott Tax Program Supervisor 12
Kimberley Sharp Tax Program Supervisor 23
Nancy J. Talamantes Systems Software Specialist II (Technical) 11
Rocco J. Tellier Data Processing Manager III 7
Tracie L. Tenney Data Processing Manager II 28
Alexander WC. Tsang Senior Compliance Representative 15
Ernest D. Valentine Senior Compliance Representative 9
Laura J. Wells Tax Program Technician II 34
Jimmie L. Wells Tax Program Technician I 29
Naomi Wentland Tax Technician 8
Peggy A. Willis Administrator IV 29
Donna J. Winemiller Tax Program Technician II 9
Valerie D. Winn Senior Operations Specialist 27
Vernendia F. Woods Staff Services Analyst (General) 9
Gary I. Woodward Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 6
Dominick Yazzi III Data Processing Manager IV 29
Retirements - Archive

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