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State of California Franchise Tax Board

2015 Retirements

We extend our best wishes in their retirements and our appreciation for their service to the Franchise Tax Board and the state of California.

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Retirement information is updated in January and July.


Name Classification Years of state service
Tami K. Moy Staff Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 38
Margaret Mysicka Tax Program Technician II 5
Darcy D. Porter Tax Program Technician II 27


Name Classification Years of state service
Patricia Almanza-Echevarria Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 29
Katie M. Barfield Principal Compliance Representative 34
Franklin C. Breck Tax Technician 12
Albert Brutko Systems Software Specialist III (Technical) 19
Mary E. Hertzell Administrator I 26
Gerry R. Manangan Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 26
Karlee M. Peters Key Data Operator 15


Name Classification Years of state service
McKinley Frank Jr. Senior Compliance Representative 45
Elizabeth B. Gamboa Compliance Representative 13
Stephen P. Norton Systems Software Specialist III (Technical) 22
Helen J. Ohland Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 21
Sharon E. Robinson Compliance Representative 11
Barbara Sliwa Tax Program Assistant 13
Jenice M. Twomey Program Specialist III 30
Margaret J. White Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 23
Kitty N. Yuen Key Data Operator 18


Name Classification Years of state service
Cynthia S. Anderson Compliance Representative 4
Tina L. Cates Senior Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 30
Angela D. Nelson Office Services Manager I 26
Gayle C. Norris Staff Services Analyst (General) 34
Phillip M. Smith Senior Compliance Representative 10
Bonnie Warren Tax Technician 30
Loretta J. Weinzetl Tax Program Technician I 34


Name Classification Years of state service
James M. Bailey Compliance Representative 12
Joanne D. Bittle Tax Program Technician II 16
Andrew T. Boardley Jr Customer Service Specialist 21
Vera L. Cheung-Tarn Tax Program Technician II 14
Debbie C. Crone Administrator I 29
Darlene R. Estey Senior Compliance Representative 25
Catherine L. Joslin Tax Program Technician I 30
Beatriz Liberati Tax Program Assistant 10
Diana L. Looper Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 34
Jolynn P. Marquez Staff Services Analyst (General) 24
Catherine J. Mendoza Senior Compliance Representative 35
Otis T. Moore Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 31
Eunice F. Nimitz Tax Program Technician II 19
Kathleen G. Noble Administrator II 5
Linae Peters Tax Auditor 26
Joseph R. Schillace Program Specialist II 19
Jil Wilson Associate Budget Analyst 21
Graciela Zermeno Tax Program Technician I 29


Name Classification Years of state service
Morreen A. Castro-Howard Associate Operations Specialist 26
Steven C. Johnson Senior Programmer Analyst (Specialist) 23
Maria-Teresa Lusk Seasonal Clerk 11
Merry L. Whitcomb Program Specialist III 27
Cora L. Williams Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 27

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