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To inform staff that draft versions of California’s tax forms are available on the Internet to view and make comments.


To improve our customer service to the public, FTB developed a new Website for draft versions of FTB tax forms. This Website provides a forum for taxpayers to make comments and suggestions.


The draft forms are available on FTB's public Website. Taxpayers can locate the Website by going to

To make a comment or suggestion:

  • Go to the Draft tax forms Web page
  • Select the Comments link on the page, or
  • Go to
  • Enter your email address (optional)
  • Enter your comment or suggestion (be sure to include the tax year and form number)
  • Click Send Suggestion


Questions and Answers:

Q. When will the draft versions be available?
A. Draft versions will be available from July to mid-December. In December, the official forms are loaded to the Internet and all DRAFT versions are removed from the Web page.
Q. How can I tell a draft form from a final form?
A. Draft forms have the word DRAFT printed across the face of all the pages.
Q. Can I file a draft version of a form?
A. No, only official tax forms can be filed with the FTB.
Q. Are all FTB tax forms available as draft forms?
A. All forms may not be available in DRAFT version. Forms are loaded to the Website as they near the final stages of the review process and some forms may load directly to the official forms Web page.
Q. How is this Website different from the Computerized Tax Processor (CTP) Website?
A. The CTP Website is a restricted Web page for computerized tax processors, tax software developers, publishers, printers, and other tax professionals that create electronic versions of FTB tax forms. The draft form Website is for taxpayers to view and comment on tax forms. To gain access to the CTP restricted Website you must complete form FTB 1096, Agreement to Comply with FTB Pub. 1098 and submit it to FTB for review and approval.
Q. How will FTB address my comment or suggestion?
A. Although we may not be able to respond to every comment, we value your feedback and will consider all comments as we revise our tax products.


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