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New Offer in Compromise Application ­ Multi Agency OIC Form


To inform staff that California's three tax agencies, the Employment Development Department, Board of Equalization, and Franchise Tax Board have streamlined the offer-in-compromise application process for California taxpayers.


When taxpayers are unable to pay their tax liabilities to the State, they can apply for an offer-in-compromise. This allows taxpayers to negotiate a lesser amount for the payment of their non-disputed tax liabilities.

In order to apply for an offer-in-compromise with EDD, BOE, or FTB, a separate application was needed for each agency.

To relieve some of the paperwork burden for taxpayers or their representatives, the State's three agencies developed a single offer-in-compromise application form; Form DE 999CA, Multi-Agency Form for Offer in Compromise. Taxpayers can use this form for any of the three agencies.

Individual agencies must still negotiate each offer-in-compromise separately for their respective taxes. For example, only the FTB can negotiate a state income tax liability.


Taxpayers who need assistance may:

  • Visit our Website at:
  • Call the Offer In Compromise Program at (916) 845-4787.

Note: Form DE 999CA, Multi-Agency Form for Offer in Compromise, is available on the EDD Website at


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