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Implementation of Business e-file commences January 2006


To advise staff that we will start the Business e-file program in January.


Starting January 3, 2006, FTB will begin accepting Form 100, California Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return and certain related forms and schedules via e-file from approved Electronic Return Originators (EROs). The Form 100 can be e-filed for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2005.


The anticipated volume of Business e-file returns Forms 100) is approximately 20,000. In the future, we will expand the Business e-file program to include other business entity returns such as Form 100S, Form 565, and Form 568.

Taxpayers already enrolled in the California Individual e-file program do not need to enroll again for Business e-file.


Taxpayers can get more information regarding Business e-file on the website listed below. This link includes the requirements to participate, important Business e-file information, 2005 Form 100, and forms and schedules accepted via e-file, and other Business e-file resources.


In addition, a corporation choosing to e-file may need to complete:

FTB 8453-C, California e-file Return Authorization for Corporations is the signature document for corporate e-filed returns. The corporation, ERO, and/or paid preparer signs this form to declare that the return is true, correct, and complete.

FTB 3586, Voucher for Corporation Electronically Filed (e-filed) Returns is used by the corporation to pay its tax balance due, and is not required to make payments by electronic funds transfer.

These forms can be found on our website at:



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