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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Average Processing Times - Individual Returns, Refunds, and Payments

This chart shows how long it takes, on average, to process* returns, refunds, and payments depending on how we receive them. Your actual experience may be different since the processing time is also affected by time of year, quality of the data we receive, business priorities, investigations, or other special circumstances.

Personal Income Tax - Return, Refund or Payment Processing Time
Current year return or current year refund
e-file 7 - 10 days
Paper 8 - 12 weeks
Web Payment Up to 2 working days
Credit Card Payment
Up to 6 working days
Non-electronic Payment
Up to 14 working days
Amended return 6 - 8 months
*Processing begins when we receive the return or payment and ends when we post the transaction to your account.
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