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Information Privacy Principles for Individuals

We recognize your concerns about your privacy when we collect and use your personal information to do our job. To address your concerns, we adopted eight principles from the California Information Practices Act (IPA).

These principles demonstrate our commitment to responsibly protect your information:

  1. Gather and Use
  2. Security
  3. Retention
  4. Share
  5. Right to Know
  6. Right to Inspect and Correct
  7. Right to Be Heard
  8. Commitment

Principles Explanation

1. Gather and Use

  • We gather your information after we determine the appropriate use for it to accomplish our mission.
  • We use your information in a responsible and lawful manner.
  • We strive to use accurate, complete, and current information.
  • If we use your information for other than the original intended purpose, we first determine if the new use is appropriate.
  • We educate others with whom we share information on the requirement to protect privacy.

2. Security

  • We secure your confidential information.
  • We educate our employees on the importance of protecting your privacy and personal information.
  • We protect your personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication, use, modification, and loss or theft.
  • Only employees who have a business need use your personal information.
  • We review our practices to ensure adequate protection is in place.

3. Retention

  • We keep your personal information as long as necessary to fulfill our business needs.
  • We review our business needs to keep your personal information.
  • We destroy your personal information we no longer need.

4. Share

  • We only share your personal information when we have legal authority to do so.
  • We do not share your personal information with others unless: (a) you give us permission, or (b) the other party has legal authority.
  • We provide privacy protection education before sharing your personal information.

5. Right to Know

  • You have the right to know what types of personal information we gather and use.
  • We will tell you what types of personal information we gather and how we use the information.
  • We will tell you what types of personal information we share with other organizations and the authority to share information.
  • We routinely inform the public about our information privacy policies and practices.
  • Upon request, we provide information about our privacy policies and practices, including the names of staff responsible for overseeing our compliance.

6. Right to Inspect and Correct

  • You have the right to inspect the personal information we maintain about you and to request we correct errors.
  • We have a simple inspection and correction process.
  • We respond to your request within a reasonable amount of time and at a minimal or no cost to you.
  • We correct your personal information when we establish more accurate or complete facts and if the law allows.

7. Right to Be Heard

  • If you believe we failed to adhere to our principles, you may file a complaint through our simple complaint process.
  • We investigate all complaints and respond promptly.
  • We take corrective measures when appropriate.

8. Commitment

  • We periodically have outside privacy experts review our practices to ensure we follow our principles.

Contact Information

If you have questions or want to file a complaint, contact our Privacy and Disclosure Office by:

  • U.S. Mail
    PO BOX 1468
    SACRAMENTO CA 95812-1468
  • Telephone

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