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Green Initiatives Thrive at Franchise Tax Board

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Sacramento – The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) today hosted its third Green Fair, where hundreds of employees spent their lunch period learning about conservation efforts and “green options” at work and home.

More than 30 vendors participated in the fair demonstrating everything from electric vehicles to solar cookers. FTB is committed to taking a “greener” approach in delivering products and services to its customers and has sponsored its Green Team to engage employees to make “green choices.” The FTB Green Team is a group of five employees who volunteer their time to promote green initiatives. Employees brought in e-waste, papers, batteries, and ink cartridges for proper disposal at today’s event.

Green differences that save money:

  • FTB was recently awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Award for its headquarters complex, which features solar panels, energy efficient chillers, and landscaping that filters runoff water. Annual savings from efficient buildings total more than $35,000.
  • FTB won the Best of California Green IT Award for a data center project funded largely by grants and saves the state an estimated $48,000 a year in utility costs. The Data Automation Software and Hardware System (DASH) installed a ventilation system and heavy clear plastic curtains surrounding data center components that require a consistently cool temperature.
  • All personal computing equipment purchased since 2007 meets Energy Star energy efficiency ratings. FTB computers automatically throttle processing back to save energy when computing needs decline, reducing energy consumption by up to 28 percent. FTB has replaced CRT monitors with LCD monitors, reducing energy consumption by 63 percent. Costs savings estimates total $100,000 per year.
  • Green Bar Reduction Project is reducing 500,000 pages printed each year for an annual estimated savings of $28,000.

Besides employees’ efforts, FTB promotes energy efficient operations through its e-services such as e-file and e-pay, available at Taxpayers can check the status of their refund, make payments, and request installment-payment plans through the FTB website.

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