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State of California Franchise Tax Board

State's Annual Nonfiler Program Begins

Released: March 02, 2009

SACRAMENTO – The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) announced today that it has begun contacting more than 900,000 individuals who earned California income, but failed to file state income tax returns last year.

Since the 1950s, FTB has contacted individuals who may have a filing requirement, but have not filed a tax return. These individuals will have 30 days to file their state tax return or show why one is not due. When a required return is not filed, FTB issues a tax assessment using income records to estimate the amount of state tax due. The assessment will include interest, fees, and penalties.

FTB identifies nonfilers by using more than 350 million income records it receives annually from third parties such as the IRS, banks, employers, state departments, and other sources. In addition, FTB uses occupational licenses and mortgage interest payment information to detect individuals who have not yet filed.

Last year, FTB collected more than $550 million in revenue through these efforts.

For those receiving notices, information is available at, by searching for “Request/Demand for Tax Return.” Taxpayers can request more time to respond, retrieve information that can assist them in filing a tax return, request tax forms, learn about payment options, sign up to receive an email reminder to file, and much more. Individuals can also call FTB at 866.204.7902 to get information.

Editor’s Note: Please call for specific county and city statistics.

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