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State of California Franchise Tax Board

ReadyReturn Eases Tax Filing Burden

More than 1,350 taxpayers have taken advantage of the Franchise Tax Board's (FTB) ReadyReturn pilot program since its mid-February launch. The program provides selected taxpayers with an already completed tax return.

The FTB contacted taxpayers to participate in the pilot based on their filing history. Taxpayers whose filing status is single, have no dependents, take the standard deduction, have only one employer, and whose only source of income is wages were sent an invitation letter and a completed ReadyReturn by mail.

"ReadyReturns save Californians the time and the headache of filling out tax forms," said State Controller and FTB Chair Steve Westly.
The FTB designed the program to ease the filing burden on taxpayers who file the simplest returns, such as those whose only source of income and tax payments are from wages and withholding. ReadyReturn uses information already provided to the state by employers, such as W-2 data. Taxpayers will review the return for accuracy before submitting it.

The letter provides instructions on how to file the return as well as how to view and e-file the return via our ReadyReturn Website at Taxpayers may choose to accept the return as presented or make modifications and mail it back. Or, taxpayers can go to the FTB's ReadyReturn Website to either e-file it as is or modify the return and e-file it. Taxpayers can also choose to ignore the FTB's invitation and file the conventional way.

The FTB encourages taxpayers to visit the FTB's Website to learn about this year's taxes, get answers to frequently asked questions, and review all other e-services. For quick refunds, the FTB suggests that taxpayers request Direct Deposit, which allows the state controller to deposit refunds directly into bank accounts.

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