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Van Nuys Man’s Grand Theft and Tax Evasion Lead to Prison

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Sacramento — A Van Nuys man pleaded no contest to three counts of grand theft, one count of false documents, and one count of state income tax evasion, the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) announced.

Sedrak Dzhinanyan, 35, was sentenced to three years in state prison and was immediately taken into custody. Dzhinanyan obtained two real estate equity loans through fraudulent means in 2007 to acquire nearly $550,000. Dzhinanyan used the alias Hakob Ktikyan to receive nearly $300,000 from one lender and $250,000 from a second lender. Both loans resulted in fraudulent documents being filed with the county recorder, which is a felony.

In addition to the fraud, Dzhinanyan failed to report the illegal income on his 2007 state income tax return. All income is taxable including income from illegal sources. Dzhinanyan owes the state more than $49,000 in unpaid tax. Interest, penalties, and the cost of the investigation will be added to this amount. The exact amount of restitution will be determined at a June 29 restitution hearing.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Norm Shapiro handed down the sentence Tuesday in Department 116 of the Clara Shortridge Folz Criminal Justice Building. Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Hilda Weintraub prosecuted the case. This was a joint investigation between the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and FTB. 

FTB’s criminal investigation program identifies and investigates cases of tax evasion and tax fraud to encourage compliance with California income tax laws and maintain the public trust

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