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State of California Franchise Tax Board

FTB Releases State Tax Statistics for 2009

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Sacramento —The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) posted the statistical appendix tables for the 2009 tax year.  

The tables provide specific tax data related to personal and corporate income taxes for the 2009 reporting tax year. In some instances, the data tables have comparative information going back to 1935.

Individual taxpayers filed 14.6 million tax returns with self-assessed income tax of $38.9 billion for the 2009 tax year, a drop in tax of 6.7 percent from the 2008 tax year. Corporations filed 728,000 returns with self-assessed tax of $7.9 billion, a decline of 13.7 percent from 2008. 

Table B-4A contains detailed reporting information by adjusted gross income for all filing status types. Tables B-4B through B-4F presents this information for specific filing statuses.

Table B-1 compares the number of returns, adjusted gross income, taxable income, and total tax liability by tax years 1946 through 2009.

Tables B-8 and C-7 show the number and amount of various special tax credits claimed in 2009 by individuals and corporations, respectively.

Table C-2 contains a synopsis of tax liability computations by all corporations.

Table C-10 shows tax liabilities by industry type for all corporations.

Table A-10 of the May 2011 Revenue Estimating Exhibits contains the starting adjusted gross income amounts of the top one percent, five percent, and ten percent in California from 1993 to 2009.

In tax year 2009, the top one percent had adjusted gross income of at least $400,635.

The complete statistical appendix tables and other reports are available on FTB’s “Reports, Plans, and Statistics” webpage.

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