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Owe State Taxes, But Cannot Pay? Help Available

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The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) today advised taxpayers dealing with income tax liabilities to contact FTB for assistance if they are unable to pay by April 18.

FTB representatives can assist those with financial hardships by establishing payment plans, granting temporary tax relief, and sometimes delaying collection. The FTB generally approves installment payment requests if the balance owed is less than $25,000 and can be paid within 60 months.

State tax liens typically must be paid before real estate can be sold. When a home is selling for less than the loan balance, the FTB can remove its tax lien from the property to allow the homeowner to complete the sale. Financially distressed taxpayers trying to sell their homes can be relieved of the tax lien within two weeks of submitting their required documents to the FTB.

The tax lien remains in effect on any other property the taxpayer currently holds or later acquires.

FTB can also subordinate a tax lien, which helps taxpayers refinancing or modifying existing home loans by permitting a bank or financial institution to refinance the property.

More information is available at FTB's website,, regarding payment options and for lien information look under the “Bills and Notices” tab.

Taxpayers who cannot resolve their accounts online should call the phone number listed on their billing notices. Those without Internet service may request an installment agreement payment plan by calling FTB at 800.689.4776, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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