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Our Programs

Our programs are governed by the Statement of Principles of Tax Administration.


Our Filing program includes the design and distribution of tax forms, processing tax returns and associated payments, and managing non-filer and real estate withholding activities. In addition, the program provides California taxpayers the resources they need to comply with the tax laws.


Our Collection program involves collection of accounts receivable identified by our self-assessment, audit, settlement, and filing enforcement activities. The automated system initiates the billing process and accounts for tax revenues collected from voluntary compliance. The manual collection efforts ensure that noncompliant taxpayers contribute their fair share to the General Fund.


Our Audit program conducts professional audits of income tax returns filed by corporate, partnership, and personal income taxpayers. In addition, the program administers a federal/state and special automated audit program and several high profile and significant issues.

We also have a separate non-tax audit program established under the Political Reform Act. We conduct non-tax audits of various political entities, such as state and local political candidates and statewide measures.


Our Technology program is an essential component of our successful tax agency. The size and demographics of our state require we leverage the latest innovative technologies to help taxpayers get answers to their questions, file tax returns, and pay the correct amounts due. Our goal is to make it easy and fast for taxpayers to work with us—whether it’s checking the status of a refund from a mobile phone, making a payment via telephone, or getting all the information needed to file a tax return by simply visiting our website. We view technology as a means to help our department provide the most efficient and effective service to California’s taxpayers.

Our Legal program handles administrative tax, bankruptcy/collection and personnel matters, and assists the Attorney General in court with respect to litigation cases. Legal program staff issue guidance to our staff on legal issues and to the public in the form of legal rulings, public notices, and regulations.

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