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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Information about the Federal Economic Stimulus Payments (Rebates)

The IRS began issuing Economic Stimulus Payments (rebates) on April 28 and will continue to issue payments through July 2008. Eligible taxpayers must file a 2007 federal tax return to receive the rebate. Here is information about how California handles the rebate:

  1. Will California tax the federal rebate?

    No. The federal rebate is not taxable by California based on FTB's legal ruling of 2001 combined with the amended Internal Revenue Code (IRC). For more information, see FTB legal ruling 2001-3 and the IRS economic stimulus payment information.

  2. If I'm required to file a federal tax return in order to get the rebate, am I also required to file a California tax return even if I normally do not file a California tax return?

    No. Only file a 2007 California tax return if either of the following apply:

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