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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Special Research Papers

Title Date Published Format
Donated Fresh Fruit Vegetable Credit Report for Legislature 11/2014 PDF
California Corporation Tax Credit Transfers 01/2013 PDF
Independent Contractor Withholding
Follow-up analysis
The Impact of the Flat Tax on California 12/1995 PDF
Trends in California Corporation Revenues 11/2003 PDF
California Income Tax Expenditures: Compendium of Individual Provisions 09/2003 PDF
Another Bubble Burst: Stock Options and the California AMT 03/2003 PDF
Assessing the State Revenue Implications of Limited Liability Company Legislation 03/1993 PDF
The California Personal Income Tax Microsimulation Model 07/1991 PDF
Trends in the Distribution of Income and Personal Income Tax Burden for California Taxpayers 03/1991 PDF
Coupling California Personal Income Taxes to Federal Individual Income Taxes 03/1991 PDF
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