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Enterprise Data to Revenue Implements Release 2.1 – Expanded Correspondence Pilot Campaign

January 29, 2014

Purpose of Bulletin

To inform staff we implemented EDR Release 2.1 on December 31, 2013.


EDR Release 2.1 expands the Correspondence Pilot, which we initiated with Release 2.0.

We will scan all pages of non-remit PIT and BE correspondence received in six primary mailstops in Filing and ARM Divisions.

The Case Management process will electronically route the correspondence to the appropriate business area for processing. The images are viewable in the Taxpayer Folder. Full implementation of the Taxpayer Folder is set for Release 2.2, June 30, 2014.

Additionally, fax correspondence received from select our general faxination lines is processed in Case Management and viewable in the Taxpayer Folder.

Taxpayer Folder

We will deploy the Taxpayer Folder in phases, beginning January 6, 2014 with a completion date of February 3, 2014.

We will notify users when they can access the Taxpayer Folder and use Case Management to process correspondence. After all phases are complete, approximately 1,000 users will have access to the Taxpayer Folder.

Non-Remit Correspondence Viewable on Taxpayer Folder

If a taxpayer contacts you regarding the status of their correspondence:

  • Check the Taxpayer Folder to see if the taxpayer’s correspondence is viewable.
  • Follow your unit procedures for processing.

If the correspondence is not viewable or for users who do not have access to the Taxpayer Folder, follow your unit procedures to assist the taxpayer. If you are unable to provide an answer based on the current information, advise them of the normal processing timeframe for a response to their correspondence.

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