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Enterprise Date to Revenue (EDR) Implements Release 1.1 – BE 541 Return Filing and Payment Processing Campaign

January 29, 2014

Purpose of Bulletin

To inform staff that EDR Release 1.1 was implemented on December 31, 2013.


EDR Release 1.1 is the final release for Design Stage 1 which focuses on return filing and payment processing.

We are now scanning all pages of returns and checks received for the following:

  • Tax Year 2013: PIT returns, BE returns, including Forms 100, 565, 568, 100W, 100S, 109, 199, and Form 541.
  • Tax Year 2012: PIT returns.
  • All Tax Years: BE amended returns (100X) and PIT amended returns (540X).
  • Tax Years 2009 and older: PIT returns.

Viewable Paper-Filed Returns

Staff can view the entire scanned paper-filed returns and checks in the Taxpayer Folder Portal. Staff without access to the Taxpayer Folder Portal can view the returns and checks in IDAX.

This release does not change how we process checks that come in with BE returns. Follow your current procedures for requesting a copy of a check that comes in with a BE return since it still will not be viewable in IDAX or the Taxpayer Folder Portal.

If a return is not available, follow your current procedures for requesting a copy. *****************

  • Taxpayer Folder Portal: ************ ** ******** **** *** ****** *******.
  • ****: contact Imaging and ****************** Production Support *** ********* ****, ****** ***** *, *** **** ***** *.


 * Redacted confidential and/or proprietary information.

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