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Accounts Receivable Management Division Luxury Vehicle Discovery Program

Purpose of Bulletin

To inform staff the Luxury Vehicle Discovery Program Special Programs Bureau is conducting a non-filer study using Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) information.


Each year DMV provides vehicle registration information on luxury vehicle transactions. This data will be used to establish and set possible filing enforcements for missing 2009 tax years. The study will evaluate the information and determine the viability of using that information for missing year assessments.

Identifying Accounts

Accounts involved in this study can be identified in the Taxpayer Information system by:

  • Comments Display Screen:

    "4604 (B) or (C) LETTER SENT FOR '09TY, REFER
    ACCT TO THE LVD TEAM @ 866-563-2375 OR
    TRANSFER TO 916-845-7319."

  • Taxpayer Information Display:

    Study Code: 779

Taxpayer Inquiries

Refer contacts concerning the 2009 tax year to the Special Programs Bureau at:

  • 866.563.2375 or 916.845.7319, or
    PO BOX 942687
    SACRAMENTO CA 94267-0011

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