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Payment Extension for Taxpayers Affected by Boston Marathon Explosions

Purpose of Bulletin

To inform staff that we will follow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announcement to grant individual taxpayers, affected by the Boston Marathon explosions, a three-month payment extension without penalty.


IRS announced Tuesday, April 16, 2013 in their news release IR-2013-43 a three-month tax filing and payment extension to Boston area taxpayers and others affected by Monday’s explosions. California already provides an automatic six-month extension to file a personal income tax return until October 15.

We will abate late payment penalties for affected taxpayers who pay their taxes, normally due by April 15, for the 2012 tax year by July 15, 2013. We will not waive interest owed on payments made after the April 15 deadline. Affected taxpayers include individuals living in Suffolk County, Mass., including the city of Boston. It also includes victims, their families, first responders, others impacted by this tragedy who live outside Suffolk County and individual taxpayers whose tax preparers were adversely affected.

Taxpayer Inquiries

Advise taxpayers affected by the Boston Marathon explosions who receive a bill for the late payment penalty that we will waive the penalty. Taxpayers who need forms or other information can go to

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