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Hard Coded Zeros Removed from Withholding Forms

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that beginning with the 2013 tax year, we will remove the hard coded zeros from the “cents” field on withhold at source forms.


The Tax Forms Development and Distribution Section began hard coding zeros in the cents field on certain tax forms in 2007. This was done to encourage taxpayers to round to the nearest whole dollar and be consistent with the rest of the department.

As a result, the Withholding Services and Compliance Section and its customers have experienced a variety of processing issues. Amounts reported on the withholding forms should reflect the exact amount withheld from the payee. Removing the hard coded zeros will allow the Withhold at Source System to correctly allocate amounts to avoid balancing issues and mailing erroneous automated notices.


Beginning with the 2013 tax year, the hard coded zeros will be removed from FTB forms 589, 592, 592-A, 592-B, 592-F, 592-V, 593, and 593-V.

Taxpayor inquiries

For more information on withholding forms, go to, and search for “withholding forms and publications”, or contact us at:

  • 888.792.4900
  • 916.845.4900, if outside the United States

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