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EDR Outbound Contact Early Initiative

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that on June 29, 2012, we will implement the EDR Outbound Contact Early Initiative.


The Outbound Contact Early Initiative implements an automated dialer for outbound collection calls. During regular business hours it contacts Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Business Entity (BE) taxpayers and will either connect taxpayers to an FTB collector, or plays a message offering self-service payment options. We are implementing two types of campaigns:

Broadcast Campaign

The PIT and BE Broadcast Campaign delivers a telephone message to taxpayers whose cases are still in the voluntary collection cycle. The message guides taxpayers to resolve their collection cases through our web or call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 888.895.8125.  Taxpayers who call the IVR will be given the option to use the self service features, or transfer to a collector during normal business hours, who will work with them to resolve their case.

Collector Contact Campaign

The PIT and BE Collector Contact Campaign contacts taxpayers whose cases have not been resolved during the voluntary collection cycle.  The automated dialer calls the taxpayer during normal business hours and, when they answer, connects them to a collector who will work with them to resolve their case. If the dialer doesn’t connect with a taxpayer, it leaves the same telephone message as the Broadcast Campaign, and gives the option to call the IVR at 866.267.6282.

PIT Broadcast and Collector Campaigns launch in July, shortly after system implementation, and BE campaigns begin in September 2012

Taxpayer inquiries

If a taxpayer calls another FTB telephone number instead of the toll-free number provided in the outbound messages:

  • Verify the message included one of the toll-free numbers above; if so:
    • Inform the taxpayer the message was from FTB
    • Follow your unit procedures.

If a taxpayer calls and states FTB reached a wrong number:

  • Perform normal security and disclosure
  • Perform a “search by phone number” to verify the incorrect number
  • Delete the telephone number in TI.

Public Service Bulletins

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