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Data Retention Policy on TI System now in Process

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff of the annual Taxpayer Information System (TI) purge process. This is in accordance with our document and data retention policy for individual taxpayers. We will purge individual taxpayer data.


FTB Policy File 8830 identifies how long we retain data, ensures the responsible use of data within our systems, and provides security to taxpayers’ information. We established this data retention policy to comply with the Information Privacy Principles for Individuals.

General guidelines

This year’s purge process of the Taxpayer Information System (TI) began in June 2012. This process will purge previously viewable tax year records from our system in accordance with the data retention guidelines.

The guidelines state we retain tax year information for seven years from the due date of the return, seven years from the date the return was filed, or in the case of an open audit issue, four years from the resolution date, whichever is later.

Taxpayer awareness

Our data retention policy informs taxpayers that deletion of their old data is for their protection and security. Although much care is taken to preserve all data, which should be retained under these guidelines, there may be rare situations where data is destroyed.

Follow your unit procedures on how to handle these situations.

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