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Customer Self-Services Entity Status Letter Application

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that beginning February 16, 2012, FTB 4263, Entity Status Letter, will be available free of charge through a customer self-service application on our public website.


California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23305e(a) states FTB may provide letters of good standing, verifying a business entity’s status for doing business in California, at a charge reflecting the costs to the department for providing the letters.

Beginning February 16, 2012, the letters will be available through a self-service application on our public website. This increased efficiency allows us to provide the letters to our customers at no charge.

Customer self-service

Customers can create their own entity status letters on our public website, by selecting the Businesses tab, and then the Entity Status Letter application. Customers will need either the entity name or number to search our records and create the letter.

If the application is unable to create the entity status letter, customers will be directed to contact us at:

Customers may also go into a field office to have the letter created for them. Staff will either use the self-service application or complete form FTB 4263 from the forms index.

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