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Mailing Information for Calendar Year 2011 Forms FTB 1099-G and FTB 1099-INT

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff about the mailings of the 2011 calendar year forms FTB 1099-G and FTB 1099-INT.


Federal law requires us to mail taxpayers who received a refund or interest of $10 or more one of the following:

  • Form 1099-G, Report of State Income Tax Refund, Credit, or Offset
  • Form 1099-INT, Statement of Interest Income

Form 1099-Gs are issued by tax year.

Example: A taxpayer who received refunds in 2011 for an overpayment on tax years 2009 and 2010 will receive two 1099-Gs, one for 2009 and one for 2010.

Form 1099-INTs are for all interest paid during the 2011 calendar year.

1099-G AND 1099-INT

Overpayments or interest income reported on Form 1099-G or Form 1099-INT are considered refundable in the following situations:

  • Paid directly to the taxpayer or directly deposited into a financial institution
  • Offset for other liabilities, such as taxes, penalties, or interest
  • Credited as an estimated tax payment
  • Intercepted by a state, city, county agency or the Internal Revenue Service
  • Elected to be a Use Tax payment
  • Paid to voluntary contributions as designated by the taxpayer

Volumes and mail schedule

We will mail the following forms between January 15, 2012, and January 29, 2012, for tax returns processed in 2011:

  • 4,817,805 Form 1099-Gs
  • 108,507 Form 1099-INTs

Taxpayer inquiries

Follow your unit procedures when responding to questions regarding these forms.

Refer questions on how to report refunds or interest income on federal tax returns to the IRS at 800.829.1040.

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