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TAS Decommission and New Procedures

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that the Tax Accounting System (TAS) will be decommissioned on January 3, 2012.


The Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Accounting and Compliance Enterprise System replaced the TAS on January 18, 2011. Since the implementation, TAS converted to a read-only mode. EDD’s TAS read-only database will no longer be available beginning January 3, 2012.

TAS Liaisons

TAS liaisons have been established in each business area. These designated liaisons will be the point of contact between FTB and EDD. They also monitor and review information requests to ensure they are for business use only, timely, and accurately processed.

TAS history procedures

Historic TAS information will be available on a limited basis. Users can contact their division liaison to submit a request for specific information on individual cases.

  • ARM Division
  • Audit Division
  • Filing Division

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