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FTB Public Website is Moving to a More Secure Environment

Purpose of bulletin

To let staff know that on December 19, 2011, we will implement a change to our public website servers that will make our website more secure.


We changed the current public website infrastructure from a split environment to a fully secure one. The nonsecure connection (http) for static content and secure connection (https) for all interactive services and applications. This change provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption making the overall customer experience on our website better.

What's changing

  • Customers will no longer receive a message stating they are leaving a secure website when going from an interactive service or application (CalFile, My FTB Account, or Check Refund) to static content ( homepage).
  • Customers will see the lock image in the browser acknowledging they are on a secure site.
  • The change will encrypt any sensitive data submitted by customers when using email forms and the survey. Customers should not include their confidential information.
  • The first part of the URL for the static website will change from http to https.
  • Customers will be automatically redirected to the https equivalent URL.
  • References to http in our web content or products will change to https over the next few months.

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