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Identity Theft Coordinator and Contacts

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that the Collection Advisory Team transferred the identity theft workload for collection cases and department oversight to the new temporary identity theft coordinator in the Accounts Receivable Management Collection Support Group.


With the increased number of identity theft cases it made it necessary for us to establish a unit to focus on processing and handling identity theft cases in order to continue to provide victims the best customer service.

Identity Theft Coordinator

We have an identity theft contact within each business area. The identity theft coordinator acts as the department’s point of contact for taxpayers who have questions regarding identity theft. The coordinator reviews and monitors cases to ensure timely and accurate processing.


If you have an identity theft case, refer to RACK section Security and Disclosure and your unit procedures. Immediately contact your area’s identity theft contact coordinator, and they will handle all activities relating to the case with the department’s identity theft coordinator.

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