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Secure Email Upgrade

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff on November 27, 2011, we will upgrade our Secure Email service.


We have been using secure email to send encrypted confidential information to external customers since 2010. Secure email is a fast, cost effective, and secure way to communicate confidential proprietary information to our external customers. We are upgrading the Secure Email service because our current version will no longer receive support from the vendor.

Secure email upgrade

Internal impacts:

  • No change in the way staff sends or receives email to and from external customers

External impacts:

  • Current external customers must reregister for secure email
  • New look with improved easier to use web-based interface
  • November 9 through November 27, outgoing secure email will contain a message notifying customers of important upgrade information
  • After November 27, 2011, customers will no longer have access to open secure email sent before the upgrade; they will be redirected to a website advising them to contact the sender

Federal Tax Information (FTI)

The Internal Revenue Service prohibits emailing federal tax information (FTI) to customers, encrypted or not.


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