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Our Public Website Is Changing November 1, 2011

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff beginning November 1, 2011, we are launching a new homepage and have redesigned the top level tab pages on our public website.


We improved and enhanced our website along with integrating the new California standard design. This design will bring the most sought after content and features to the homepage and top level category pages.

Public Website

What’s Changing:

  • Homepage content, layout, and navigation
  • Top level page content and layout. Customized categories of information will make it easier for taxpayers to find what they  need:
    • Individuals – When taxpayers are ready to file, make a payment, or find out what’s new for the current year, this page links to everything they will need
    • Businesses – If entities are starting a business or need to know what, when, and how to file, links on this page will get them the answers
    • Tax Professionals – They can access to their clients account information and other services
    • News & Events – Stay informed about what’s going on
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Additional information

Starting October 24 through October 31, no changes to web content will be accepted to allow existing content changes to be completed. If you expect to have a mission critical need to post content during this time, let us know immediately.

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