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Implementation of the Withhold at Source System (WASS)

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff beginning August 29, 2011, the new Withhold at Source System (WASS) will start to process all non-wage withholding forms and payments.


The Withholding Services and Compliance Section administers the nonwage withholding program, which includes real estate, resident, nonresident, and backup withholding.

The current withholding system no longer provides the flexibility to process withholding forms and payments and will be replaced with the Withhold at Source System (WASS).

The WASS is one comprehensive system that will interface with TI, BETS, and ICBS to automate penalty assessments and create electronic filing options.

Additional Information

The primary staff of WSCS, Fiscal, ICBS, and Advocate will receive system access upon implementation.

Additional staff with the need to use WASS will receive system access and training at a later date.

Taxpayer Inquiries

For more information on forms and processing changes as a result of the WASS implementation, go to, and search for withholding forms and payments.

Taxpayers can call us at 888.792.4900 or 916.845.4900 (if outside the United States), Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except state holidays.


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