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Social Security Administration Randomization

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff of upcoming changes to social security numbers.


Effective June 25, 2011, the Social Security Administration will no longer use the traditional social security assignment method. They will begin using a new assignment method referred to as Social Security Randomization.

Current structure of a social security number (SSN) is as follows:


A - Area number
G - Group number
S - Serial number

Social Security Administration

SSN randomization allows the Social Security Administration to:

  • Assign SSNs in a geographically-random and non-sequential order.
  • Introduce previously unassigned area numbers.
  • Eliminate the area numbers geographical significance.
  • Eliminate the need to update the high group list.

New SSNs will not be issued to replace existing numbers.

Taxpayer inquiries

Business impacts are still unknown and will be resolved at a later date.

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