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MyFTB Account for Businesses

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that beginning February 9, 2011, MyFTB Account for Businesses allows business entities and their representatives to view estimated tax payments.


Business entities and their representatives call the Taxpayer Service Center Section or send written correspondence to verify estimated tax payments prior to filing.

Online services

Business entities:

  • View all estimated tax payments
  • Make web payments

Tax representatives:

  • View all estimated tax payments

To view a taxpayer's account, tax professionals should have their client's permission and must provide information from their return. Taxpayers can use FTB 743, Online Account View Access Authorization, which is available on our website. Business entities and tax professionals who have already registered with Access Your Account simply need to enter their user name and password. New users will self-register and select their own user name and password.

Taxpayer inquiries

Information about the new service will be added to our website under the following:

  • Homepage.
  • Businesses tab.
  • Tax Professionals tab.

Public Service Bulletins

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