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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Entity Status Letter

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff that all FTB 4263, Entity Status Letters, were removed from the Accounts Receivable Collection System (ARCS), and the Forms Index on the intranet.


To ensure adherence to our security and policy procedures, there will be limited access to FTB 4263, Entity Status Letter.

Taxpayer Inquiries

The entity status letters 4263A, 4263A BC, and 4263A LC, will be available through the eLetter Program, or through a secured folder.

Staff who has a business need to access the eLetter Program should follow their unit procedures.

If the eLetter Program experiences technical difficulties, FTB 4263 notices are also located in a secured folder that requires supervisor approval for access.

Staff that needs access to the secure folder should contact their supervisor.

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