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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Secure Email

Purpose of bulletin

To tell staff with a business need, they will have the ability to encrypt emails with confidential information, before sending it to taxpayers.


Regular email does not meet our security standards for confidential information. Secure email is an efficient, secure, and easy method to communicate confidential information to our customers.

Secure email is to be used for encryption of confidential information. All emails, including encrypted emails, may be viewed and monitored for content by the Security and Disclosure staff.

Currently, individual business areas are in the process of defining their own business use for secure email. Once the information is defined and approved, business areas will market and publicize their use of secure email to their staff and customers.

Federal Tax Information

IRS does not permit federal tax information (FTI) to be sent outside FTB in any email, encrypted or not.

Emails will not be sent that appear to contain FTI. If your email is stopped and does not contain FTI, you will be instructed by email on how to have it released and sent securely to the recipient. Continue to follow your unit procedures for sending FTI to taxpayers or representatives.

Auto Encryption

We place high importance on the security of private and confidential information. To ensure emails we send are protected, emails may be encrypted by the sender or by the department depending on the content.

To help reduce the number of calls, taxpayers who receive a secure email can find out why we sent it by clicking the link just above the envelope.

Example of Secure email with link to an explanation


Contact SecureEmailSupport with comments or questions regarding this bulletin.

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