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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Updated Information for Multilingual Services

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff beginning immediately, the Governance Council changed the multilingual services and products, due to furloughs and budget constraints.


Governance Council approved workload priority changes that impact the multilingual services and products for the current fiscal year 2009/2010.

What's changed?

Eliminating non-English Programs – Spanish CalFile is not available for the 2009 tax year.

Maintaining Existing Translated Products – We plan to focus our efforts on existing translated products. We will translate annual updates on our Spanish products only because our Spanish products have the highest number of downloads. Existing products in other non-English languages will not receive updates at this time.

No New Products – No new translations in any language. We will continue to maintain a list of the translation requests that do not fit within our existing work plan for a later date.

We will consider priority requests to translate excluded products with additional justification and upper management approval.

Taxpayer inquiries

Taxpayers with general questions in non-English languages can go to, or call us at 800.852.5711, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

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