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Elimination of Labels on Tax Booklets


To inform staff of the elimination of peel and stick address labels on our tax booklets. Taxpayer names and addresses are now being printed directly on the tax booklets; taxpayers will now fill in their name and address if they use the forms inside the booklets to file Personal Income Tax Returns


Per Civil Code ยง1798.85(a)(5) (added by SB25, Stats 2003, Ch. 907), no social security numbers will be used on any outgoing mail to individuals (exceptions: FTB 1099 and FTB 4600 INC letters, or others as approved by Legal).

This new process continues to protect the confidentiality of social security numbers and has resulted in a sizable savings for the department.


Beginning January 2, 2009, we began mailing 540, 540NR, and 540 2EZ 2008 tax booklets with the new format.


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