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Financial Literacy website


To inform staff of FTB’s new Financial Literacy Website.


The Financial Literacy Website offers individuals a variety of financial tools and services.


The “Financial Literacy” Website offers an array of financial tools and resources, including information about financial planning, retirement, savings, investing – even taxes! There are links for kids, parents, and teachers with information on money management, financial facts, resources, and how to acquire practical money skills.

The financial planning section offers education material to taxpayers on debt reduction, learning how to save, investing, saving for college, and credit counseling. There are links to retirement planning that include an on-line calculator, and information on eligibility issues, how to apply for benefits, and answers to frequently asked questions.

As an educational Website, this site also includes a section for “Kids, Parents, and Teachers” with basics on saving and investing. Students can get started on the right financial planning path by visiting “Money camp—why didn’t anyone teach me to save and invest when I was young?” This site points students toward “Practical Money Skills at School,” and to the IRS “Tax Information for Students.”

This Website also includes links to government help, with information on grants, loans, financial aid, and other benefits from the U.S. government.

To access the Financial Literacy Website, go to

  • Select the Individuals tab
  • Click Financial Literacy on the left column


The Website is for information purposes only; FTB does not endorse or provide advice. A link does not constitute an endorsement of content, viewpoint, policies, products, or services.


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