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State of California Franchise Tax Board

Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Project Information


The Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Project addresses modernizing our enterprise operations and systems. This means more efficient operations throughout the department, better customer service, maximized transparency, and more revenue: about a billion dollars more annually by the end of the project.

The EDR Project kicked off on July 1, 2011 and is scheduled to end on December 31, 2016. The EDR Project will generate about $4.7 billion in additional revenue over the project reporting period.

Major components

The EDR Project includes four major components:

  • New Return Processing System – Automates manual processes, enhances data capture and validation ability, and standardizes our processes.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse – Stores data and makes it accessible to our systems and to FTB users.
  • Secure Online Taxpayer Folder – Provides instant access to tax account information.
  • Modernized Systems – Modernize legacy systems allow efficient communication with the New Return Processing System, Enterprise Data Warehouse, and Taxpayer Folder.

Taxpayer benefits

The EDR Project brings more self-service options to MyFTB Account (Taxpayer Folder). Starting in July 2015, taxpayers or their representative may use MyFTB Account to:

  • File tax returns.
  • View tax return data.
  • Check processing status of tax returns.
  • Access processing timeframes for returns and payments.
  • Make and view payments.
  • Access, update, and send correspondence.
  • View bills and notices.
  • View and update address and contact information.
  • Set contact and delivery preferences. For example, if text message is preferred, a text message will be sent to the taxpayer notifying them that they have mail in the Taxpayer Folder.
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