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State of California Franchise Tax Board

EDR Related Tax News Articles

Volume Title
March 2015 FTB Releases First Phase of New Return Processing
February 2015 N/A
January 2015 N/A
December 2014 EDR Brings Changes to Return Processing
November 2014 The New MyFTB Coming Summer 2015
October 2014 EDR Improves the Return Information Notice Summer 2015
September 2014 More EDR Improvements Coming in September
August 2014 EDR Improvements Went Live on June 30
July 2014 Improved Correspondence Process
June 2014 Behind the Scenes of the EDR Project: EDR's Business Process Management Center
May 2014 EDR Changes Coming on June 30
April 2014 Behind the Scenes of the EDR Project: EDR Training
March 2014 Strong Relationships Drive Project Success
February 2014 Successful Implementation of Two EDR Releases
January 2014 An EDR Conversation with our CIO
December 2013 Two Milestones on December 31, 2013
November 2013 EDR Helps Us Improve Our Service
October 2013 EDR Update Presented to Advisory Board
September 2013 FTB Moving to Digital Office
August 2013 July Marked 24 Months Completed of the 66-month EDR Project
July 2013 EDR and You!
June 2013 N/A
May 2013 EDR Release 2.0 is Coming in June
April 2013 Electronic Bank Levy
March 2013 EDR Filing Season Update
February 2013 Introducing 2D Barcodes
January 2013 EDR Release 1.0.1
December 2012 EDR Release 1.0.1 Is Coming This Month
November 2012 Successful Implementation of EDR Release 1.0
October 2012 EDR Update
September 2012 Outbound Contact for Businesses Begins This Month
August 2012 EDR Release 1.0
July 2012 EDR's First Year is a Success!
June 2012 EDR June Update
May 2012 Financial Institution Record Match
April 2012 2D Barcodes
March 2012 New Software Implementation
February 2012 EDR Initiatives Update
January 2012 Announcing External EDR Webpage

December 2011

(Update) Additional Sources for Levy РPhase 1

November 2011

EDR Update: First Project Deliverables Goes into Production in September

October 2011

Introducing the Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) project news column

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