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State of California Franchise Tax Board

EDR Related Public Service Bulletins

The documents posted at this site are redacted versions of Public Service Bulletins (PSBs) that were provided to our Customer Service Representatives to assist them in responding to inquiries from the public. The PSBs should not be relied upon as authoritative interpretations of the law.

PSB # Date Title
13-10 February 7, 3013 Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Implements 2D Barcodes for Personal Income Tax Paper Filed Returns
13-07 January 16, 2013 Paper Filed Returns Scanned Through EDR Release 1.0.1
13-04 January 9, 2013 Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) – Business Entity (BE) Broadcast Message Campaign
12-36 September 27, 2012 EDR Release 1.0 Scan Form 540 Paper Filed Returns for Tax Year 2011
12-35 September 25, 2012 Business Entity Quality Assurance Modeling for Filing Enforcements Early Initiative
12-33 September 11, 2012 Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Business Entity (BE) Outbound Contact Early Initiative
12-31 September 6, 2012 Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Business Entity (BE) Collector Asset Alert Early Initiative
12-22 June 28, 2012 EDR Outbound Contact Early Initiative
12-19 June 26, 2012 EDR Electronic Installment Agreement
12-17 June, 12, 2012 EDR Collector Asset Alert Early Initiative
12-11 April 5, 2012 Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Financial Institution Records Match (FIRM) Initiative
12-08 March 12, 2012 EDR Filing Enforcement Information Returns Master File (IRMF) Initiative
12-07 March 12, 2012 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Installment Agreement
12-06 February 28, 2012 EDR PIT Filing Enforcement Early Initiative
11-29 December 21, 2011 EDR Additional Sources for Levy Early Initiative – Phase II
11-17 September 19, 2011 Implementation of the Enterprise to Data Revenue (EDR) Additional Sources for Levy Project
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