Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Supporting our State. Building our Future.


Our mission is to help taxpayers file timely and accurate tax returns, and pay the correct amount to fund services important to Californians.

Foundational Principles

This strategic plan affirms a set of principles that provide the foundation on how we conduct business. These principles support our mission and guide our work to achieve the goals and implement the strategies in this plan:

  • Protect taxpayer information and privacy.
  • Carry out our fiduciary responsibilities to taxpayers by managing their accounts with accuracy and financial integrity.
  • Operate with transparency to maintain public trust and confidence.
  • Conduct our business in accordance with the Statement of Principles of Tax Administration, Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, and our organizational values.

Organizational Values

Our five organizational values are:

  • Lead with Integrity and Inspiration
    We pursue the right path, ideas, and communicate clear expectations to maximize potential.
  • Bring Our Best
    We exemplify honesty, credibility, and accountability.
  • Deliver Excellent Products and Services
    We collaborate to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Contribute to a Caring Community
    We create a supportive work environment that allows us to flourish in our community.
  • Become Experts at What We Do
    We are motivated to continually improve and grow.

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  1. Taxpayer Centric Service

    Enhance our services to help taxpayers fulfill their tax obligations.


    • Evaluate customer experience needs across all service channels; develop and implement a roadmap to meet those needs.
    • Champion an organizational culture to achieve positive customer experiences.
    • Promote the use of self-service tools to improve service to our customers.
  2. Effective Compliance

    Fairly administer the law to ensure taxpayers file and pay the correct amount.


    • Identify noncompliant taxpayer segments and customize our actions to improve compliance.
    • Discover and implement new approaches to increase compliance in the most egregious areas of abuse.
    • Improve data, information, and knowledge sharing with the tax community and government partners.
    • Improve case selection in all compliance programs.
    • Improve timeliness in all compliance programs.
  3. Strong Organization

    Invest in our employees, challenge and empower them to be experts in their field, and help them achieve their full potential.


    • Prioritize and implement the Talent Management Program services to help us recruit, train, and retain our employees.
    • Support an environment where decisions are made at all levels by those who have both the expertise and best information.
    • Increase employee engagement and job satisfaction by assessing and enhancing culture, workplace environment, and employee recognition.
  4. Operational Excellence

    Optimize processes, products, services, and resources to better serve our customers.


    • Manage budgeted resources at the enterprise level and use performance metrics to meet short- and long-term business needs.
    • Use data modeling and analytics to enhance operations.
    • Leverage and modernize IT systems and processes to support enterprise business activities, including financial, human resources, and nontax programs.
    • Mitigate emerging and evolving threats and manage risks to maintain taxpayer privacy and security.
    • Standardize our hardware and software to optimize operations.