MyFTB Corner October 2018 Tax News

Set your email notification preferences

Tax Professionals can now turn off certain email notifications from us in MyFTB. To set your email preferences select:

  • Update Contact Information from the Services dropdown menu
  • Manage Email Notifications
  • The checkbox(es) for the notifications you want to receive (checking the box means you will-receive the notification)
  • Save

The notification settings you select will apply to all taxpayers on your client list, but these settings will not affect notifications we send to your clients.

For security purposes, we will always send you an email notification when your account is accessed or when your contact information is updated in MyFTB.

Notifications regarding POA relationships, including available notices and POA relationship approval or rejection, are sent to the email address on the POA declaration. To change an email address on a declaration, see Add or Edit a Representative’s Email Address on An Active Power of Attorney Declaration. All other notifications are sent to your preferred email address.