Business Entity Estimated Payment Notification Project November 2018 Tax News

Beginning early 2019, we will be providing business entities, including corporations, LLCs, and exempt organizations that have taxable income or unrelated business income, with a summary of their 2018 tax year estimated payment, transfer and credit information. This is part of a pilot project to proactively address the most common reason tax professionals contact the Tax Practitioner Hotline: calling to verify payments.

We will mail FTB 3713, Summary of Account Payments, Transfers, and Credits to business entities who made an Estimated LLC Fee or Estimated Tax Payment for their 2018 tax year. The account summary will provide payment, transfer, and credit information including payment amounts and effective dates.

This summary will contain the same data that is available to our call center staff and is intended to assist business entities and/or their tax representatives in filing accurate and timely tax returns. Payment information is also available online to businesses and their tax representatives who have or register for a MyFTB account.

We expect the account summary to be mailed out by the end of January/beginning of February 2019.